Safety and how to use

Never forget at Mermaid Dreams, the kid’s safety is our priority and your responsibility.


1- Always respect the swimming environment.

2- Your swimming abilities can be affected, including restricted movement and difficulty to stay afloat.

3- The Monofin and Mermaid Tail products are designed for children over 7 years old or children with knowledge of swimming and survival at least.

4- Children must be supervised by adults.

5- Mermaid tails and monofins should only be used in environments with controlled conditions.

6- The tails should be placed close to the water. The user will not be able to walk on land and the product has not been designed for that purpose.

7- For first time users, it is highly recommended to learn how to swim like a dolphin before using the product. After having learned this basic technique, we recommend using the monofin without the mermaid tail until you feel comfortable and in control.

Quick release method

Read out the quick release methodology

  • Pull one foot out
  • Kick off monofin
  • Pull tail below hip
  • Swim out of the tail