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Starlight Mermaid Tail

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Starlight represents the majesty of the cosmos, with her mystic...

Rapa Nui Mermaid Tail

Rapa Nui is a mermaid from an island hidden under...

Kirra Mermaid Tail

Kirra is a mermaid surfer, one of the best in...

Sweet Magic Mermaid Tail

Sweet Magic Mermaid is an artist that brings the most...

Vanity Mermaid Tail

Vanity loves glitter, jewelry, necklaces and to play dress up...

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Why Monofin Jr or Pro, we don’t have this product....

Parent´s Thoughts

My daughters absolutely love swimming in their Mermaid tails. To see them motivated to get in the pool and have fun is just beautiful. We never go to a pool without packing the tails now and everywhere we go, people want to know more about the product.


The tails are absolutely gorgeous and so realistic! My 9-year old daughter is the envy of every little girl at the local pool. It has been such a great motivation for her – no longer am I trying to get her off the devices, instead I am battling to get her out of the pool!


I loved the mermaid tails, they look real and they are super comfortable! You can see that they are made with good materials because they have been intact since last summer.


My two daughters of 9 and 6 years old loved the tails, they are comfortable and they look wonderful, now since they have their tails we use the pool all year round, their material is excellent. We love them


Special Features

Our mermaid tails are developed with state of the art technology and the best materials available, to ensure a safe experience to achieve our girl dreams.

Ultra Shinny Tech

Long Lasting technology

Tips Protection

multi ways stretching

Safety Release

easy to handle

Never forget at Mermaid Dreams, the kid’s safety is our priority and your responsibility. Always respect the swimming environment! Your swimming abilities can be affected, including restricted movement and difficulty to stay afloat.

1- For children over 7 years old or children with knowledge of swimming and survival at least.

2- Children must be supervised by adults.

3- Mermaid tails and monofins should only be used in environments with controlled conditions.

4- The tails should be placed close to the water. The user will not be able to walk on land and the product has not been designed for that purpose.

5- For first time users, it is highly recommended to learn how to swim as a dolphin before using the product. After having learned this basic technique, we recommend using the monofin without the mermaid tail until you feel comfortable and in control.